Why I use Essential Oils?

September 17th, 2017

I have been practicing Aromatherapy for over 21 years.  As a Certified Advanced Aroma Therapist. Essential Oils are the foundation of my treatments for both in Massage and Reflexology.  Personally, essential oils have been a staple in my home life as far as I can remember.  It is no wonder that my kids are now using the oils with their own family.  I get a great chuckle when my grandchildren know the names of the oils and what they are used for.

Not all oils are made the same.  I have experienced very early in my practice that using high quality, high grade oils, is something I would not compromise and nor should you!  Be mindful to the quality of the oils as you would the best olive oil you would use on your salad! 
These precious oils are an essential part of life. Derived from earth, plants, fruits, peels, petals of flowers, resin of a tree, we are connected with these oils as we are in nature as nature is within us.
Essential Oils are just that, essential to living. You would have the basic essentials is your home…. Fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, essential oils are the same.
You may have experienced essential oils many times and don’t even know it.  
Have you ever walked into a home or place of business and wondered why you always feel good the moment you step into the door?  Addicted to an organic product because the scent is so pure and clean?  Stepping into my car gives me that feeling. I diffuse Lemongrass in my car! Clears my mind instantly! 

Aching tired legs after a long day of standing… cypress has worked wonders for me in relieving the aches and bringing the swelling down instantly.

Being super sensitive a down pour of rain, a few drops of peppermint at my temples alleviates the pressure immediately. 

Expecting company…. Diffuse some bergamot.  Derived from oranges, a happy and delicate citrus scent that will delight all your guests.    

Baking a cake, why use lemon imitations when you can use the pure thing.  It takes over 50 lemons to get a 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil.

Lavender can be diffused to create a relaxed atmosphere, to heal wounds, cuts and scraps… the benefits of Lavender are endless.

Here is your guide to getting familiar with these precious oils
Essential oils are loaded with benefits for the Mind, Body and Spirit.   
I am truly grateful to have these precious oils in my life.  They are a gift from nature.

I invite you to connect with me to learn more on how you can comfortably use these oils in your every day life.  
InsideOut Wellness Centre offers complimentary Essential Oil workshops where you can experience the oils for yourself, have you questions answered, connect with experts!  Visit our website at www.insideoutwellness.ca/events , connect with us on social media at
Or give me shout at 905-303-4622, its always a pleasure to hear from you!   

Julie Canzio
Certified Advanced Aromatherapy Practitioner
Distributer of Doterra Essential Oils





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