What are the challenges of dating?

The experience of dating can bring up feelings of unworthiness, vulnerability, frustration, confusion, and sadness. You may be struggling with not finding the partner you want, attracting the ones you really don’t want or not finding anyone you wish to date. During this experience it is common to start to believe that there is something wrong with you.


Dating relationship coaching

How can we help?

If you feel hopeless and maybe even too cynical to fall in love, we will help turn you into someone who has a vision for their life and the kind of relationship you really want. The power to get what you want is already within you and always has been. Stop seeing your heart as half-full, and wake up your passion for life so you can finally live and love the way you’ve always wanted to but never knew how.

Experience dating strategies that will give you the benefit of:

  • Your own personal code of ethics and a clear sense of identity, so you no longer need to compromise yourself or settle
  • A clear vision of someone you truly deserve and desire
  • Confidence to follow through with your new game plan

Our signature one on one coaching programs take clients from feeling lonely, frustrated, not good enough, damaged and confused into someone who knows exactly who they are and what they want and more important how to get it.


Nicole Weston

Lifestyle Coach and Councellor

Book a complimentary 15 min consultation with Nicole to find out how she can help you gain your confidence and find the partner you are seeking.

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Dating and Relationship Coaching in Vaughan and Woodbridge

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